Irmina and Daniel

There’s this strange thing about Ceglarnia place, that it gathers very unique kind of people. People who are sharing same values of individuality, courage and kindness. We’re not sure how or why but we’ve been lucky enough to be part of quite few events that happened among those old barn walls. Events that touched us deeply, and will stay in our hearts forever. 

This is Irmina and Dan’s story.

They invited friends from all over the world, to share this beautiful day full of tears and joy with them. They opened their hearts to us and gave us the trust we need to freely create. They showed us part of Ceglarnia we never knew before. They lived their big day the way it should’ve been lived, and once again they proved us that there’s no purest bond than sharing a passion with your beloved one.

It was a sheer delight to meet you and thank you so much for making our dream to photograph a ballet dancers came true.

Venue: Ceglarnia, Poland

Wedding dress: Donatelle Godart, Paris

Groom’s suit: Alferano

Groom’s shoes: Church’s

Decorations: Irmina and friends, flea market treasures, Ceglarnia

Dj: Dj Jegomość 

Florist: Qwiat Pracownia

Band: Dixie Tiger’s Band

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