Folwark Wasowo

Ola & Pawel

Thanks to our two lovely foxes Ola and Paweł, in July, we had a pleasure to finally work in gorgeous space of Folwark Wąsowo and believe it or not – everything was there. Love, light and sheer joy of those two getting together, and no one minded the pouring rain and thick dark clouds. Especially us, because we finally had those Scottish-like conditions here in our lovely home land. And we know it might sound crazy, but this kind of weather is just insanely beautiful.

All of this plus hospitality and trust of Ola and Paweł allowed us to create those pictures below. Thank you guys so much for this opportunity! Thanks to you we had a chance to sunk into atmosphere of that day, which we hope, we could immortalize on our photographs.

PS. Your Borat dance will stay forever in our hearts and the song itself was keeping us energized during long late-night drives for the rest of the wedding season.

venue: Folwark Wąsowo

bride: dress was made by Ola’s aunt Joanna Grala in Linia Autorska Pracownia Krawiecka, blouse Lola Varma

groom: Dąbrowski&Góral

cake/decorations: Folwark Wąsowo

bouquet: Chabazie

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  1. Jakub

    Niesamowicie klimatyczny reportaż! Świetny!

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